March (2023)

Professor Peter Slater gave a talk to teachers for a PTI event. Talk title was “The Importance of Electrochemistry in the future Green Economy”. Event took place on 4th of March at Pimlico Academy in London. See more here: (link)

January (2023)

Professor Sir Peter Bruce and Professor Saiful Islam gave invited talks during the 2023 International Battery Materials Association (IBA 2023) held in Austin at the University of Texas at Austin campus during March 5 – 10, 2023. Professor Bruce’s talk title was “O-Redox cathodes” and Professor Islam’s “Atomistic insights into complex cathode materials”.


November (2022)

Professor Saiful Islam gave a talk on Li-ion battery materials at STFC Batteries Annual Meeting at Royal Institution in London on Nov 18th.

October (2022)

Dr Andrey Poletayev gave two talks: “Dynamically Disproportionating Structure of LiNiO2” poster at the IBA 2022 conference (Slovenia) and “Probing Ionic Transport with Terahertz Pump-Probe Spectroscopy” talk at the Linac Cohererent Light Source (SLAC National Accelerator Lab) user meeting (USA, remote). 

July (2022)

US-UK BATTERY WORKSHOP took place in London. Professor Emma Kendrick, Professor Peter Slater and Dr Ben Morgan gave talks on CATMAT latest work. See more here (link)

June (2022)

Liverpool researcher Dr. Jungwoo Lim and PhD student Rory Powell gave talks at the ECS 241st spring meeting – Vancouver. Please see a link to Dr. Lim speach here (link) and to Mr. Powell here (link)

Paul Shearing gave a talk and Isabella Stephens presented a poster at 32nd Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry Experimental and Modelling tools for Electrochemical Energy Devices which took place between 19-22 June 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden (link)

Dr. Andrey Poletayev presented a poster titled: Thermodynamics of Information in Solid-State Ionic Conductivity, at Batteries Gordon Research Conference which took place in Ventura, CA, USA between 5-10th June (link)

Prof. Saiful Islam gave a talk at ALISTORE conference in Juelich, Germany: “From Li-rich cathodes to solid electrolytes – atomic-scale insights into battery materials”.

May (2022)

Dr. Andrey Poletayev, Oxford researcher, gave a talk at Materials Research Society Spring 2022 conferences which took place in Honolulu between 8-13th May (link) His talks titles were: Sub-Diffusive Transport in Fast-ion Conducting Solid Electrolytes, The Effect of Geometric Crowding by Defects on Fast Ionic Conductivity and Persistence of Memory in Ionic Transport Probed by Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy. He also presented a poster, titled: Vibrational Attempt Frequencies in Solid-State Ionic Conductivity.

Paul Shearing gave a talk at International Operando Battery Days, conference dedicated to the characterization of batteries by means of advanced operando techniques, both in-lab and at Large Scale Facilities (synchrotron, neutron and muons). Conference took place in Grenoble, France between 16-18 May 2022 (link)

March (2022)

Prof. Saiful Islam gave a talk at the Oxford Energy Conference 23/3 “Making a materials difference to batteries for electric vehicles” at the University of Oxford.

February (2022)

Prof. Saiful Islam gave a talk at US-UK Battery Technology Research & Innovation Online Summit “Next generation cathodes for Li-ion batteries”.

January (2022)

Prof. Paul shearing gave a talk at the conference “Towards Future Battery Design” at the University of Nottingham- Nottingham

Prof. Saiful Islam gave the Hirsch Lecture at Oxford Materials – Oxford.


December (2021)

Prof. Saiful Islam gave two invited talks at the MRS Fall Exhibit – Boston

November (2021)

October (2021)

Dr. Farheen Sayed spoke at the ‘Energy and Light’ symposium organised by the Royce Ambient Cluster Tool. – Cambridge

Prof. Paul Shearing spoke at the Royal Institution. Talk title: ‘From Galvani to Gigafactories: how batteries have tamed electricity to power the modern world. – London

Prof. Emma Kendrick gave a Faraday Masterclass. Talk title: Career stories from the Battery Sector’ – Didcott

Prof. Emma Kendrick spoke at #EADebates by Euractiv – Brussels

Prof. Peter Bruce gave a talk at the 240th ECS meeting. Talk title: O-Redox Cathodes the Role of Trapped O2 – New Jersey, USA

September (2021)

Prof. Saiful Islam and Pam Thomas (CEO, FI) were invited speakers an event at the Royal Institution celebrating 200 years of Michael Faraday’s electric motor

Prof. Paul Shearing spoke at Faraday Institution battery characterisation project event – Didcott

Prof. Emma Kendrick spoke at Irvine review Lectures. Talk title: ‘Making sustainable batteries’ – St. Andrews

Prof. Paul Shearing and Dr. Rhod Jervis spoke on a panel with James Cookson of Johnson Matthey – UCL

August (2021)

Dr. Weixin Song spoke at the Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) Meeting 2021. Talk title: ‘Direct Imaging of Oxygen Sub-lattice Deformation in Li-rich Cathode Material Using Electron Ptychography – Oxford

Lizzie Driscoll presented virtually at the IUCr25th conference in Prague, as part of ‘Social Media and New Frontiers for Spreading Crystallography’. – Prague

July (2021)

Prof. Emma Kendrick gave the keynote talk at Materials for Energy Technology by SCI. Talk Title: ‘Interfaces in battery manufacturing– Birmingham (link)

June (2021)

Dr. Greg Rees gave a talk on Structural Elucidation of Anionic O-Redox Cathodes for Li-ion Batteries at the Oxford Instruments Symposium on Quantum Technology, Semiconductors, and Power Generation – Oxford

16th June – CATMAT Full Project Meeting – Virtual

May (2021)

A poster by Emma Hedley has been accepted for MMC conference titled ‘The Applications Fast Electron Detectors and 4D -STEM Imaging for Understanding Structural Changes in Li-ion Cathode Systems’. To be presented during the virtual conference 5-9th July.

Emma Hedley presented at the Atom 16 conference. Talk title: ‘Quantitative 4D-STEM of Li-ion battery materials.’ – University of Antwerp, Belgium

Weixin Song presented at the Atom 16 conference. Talk title: ‘Direct imaging of oxygen sub-lattice deformation in Li-rich cathode material using electron ptychography.’University of Antwerp, Belgium

April (2021)

Prof. Emma Kendrick spoke at the battery challenge cohort event, run by Innovate UK. Talk title: ‘Perspectives in battery recycling and reuseSwindon

Prof. Paul Shearing gave a talk at JCESR. Talk title: ‘The Role of Advanced X-ray Characterisation in Understanding Degradation and Failure in Li-ion Batteries’Argonne, Chicago, USA

Dr Pezhman Zarabadi-Poor gave a talk at the University of Bath. Talk title: ‘Automated, Reproducible, and Accelerated Discovery of Next-Generation Cathode Materials’Bath

March (2021)

Prof. Emma Kendrick gave a virtual Keynote for the Austrian Embassy for their ‘New Battery Materials’ workshop– London

Prof. Saiful Islam spoke at an Annual Joint Research + Equality/Diversity Seminar at the University of York – York

Dr Dorota Matras attended WMG Battery school – Warwick

Lizzie Driscoll was selected to represent the RSC at the Voices of the Future 2021 –Birmingham

Prof. Emma Kendrick gave a talk for International Women’s Day for the University of Birmingham. Talk title: ‘SHE Engineer’ – Birmingham

Lizzie Driscoll has been chosen to give the Parkin Prize lecture at this year’s BCA meeting. Talk title: ‘The Building Blocks of Battery Technology: Inspiring the next generation of battery researchers. – Birmingham

Prof Peter Slater gave a talk titled ‘The Importance of Electrochemistry in the future Green Economy: a guide to fuel cells and Li ion batteries’ to Teachers as part of a REDOX and Electrochemistry New teacher subject day organised by the PTI – Birmingham

February (2021)

Prof. Emma Kendrick gave a Plenary talk at Silverstone Technology Cluster. Talk title: ‘state of play of batteries’Towcester

Prof. Emma Kendrick attended a battery materials symposium – Pavia

Prof. Paul Shearing gave a webinar at Georgia Tech – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Lizzie Driscoll delivered a Teachers CPD session on electrochemistry, including Li ion batteries (41 teachers attended the session) – Birmingham

January (2021)

21st January – CATMAT Full Consortium Meeting- Virtual


December (2020)

Emma Kendrick gave a talk at the CSCT (Centre for Sustainable & Circular Technologies) Winter showcase – Bath

Lizzie Driscoll participated in an accessible science online practical session for visually impaired students explaining Li ion batteries using jenga – Birmingham

Prof. Emma Kendrick moderated a panel discussion at Battery cells and Systems Expo – for ‘BCS: Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) for Li-ion alternatives’– Birmingham

Lizzie Driscoll gave an outreach talk on battery research at the Discover Materials winter event – Virtual

November (2020)

24th-26th November -The Faraday Institution Conference – Virtual

3rd November -The Faraday Institution Expert Panel Meeting – Virtual

October (2020)

Prof. Peter Bruce presented at PRiME 2020: ‘Superstructure Controls First Cycle Voltage Hysteresis in O-Redox Cathode‘ – Pennington, New Jersey, USA

Prof. Paul Shearing spoke at Colorado School of Mines – Golden, Colorado, USA

Dr Farheen Sayed presented her high voltage spinel work at a one day webinar on Thin film Solid State Batteries organised by IIT Kharagpur and University of Cambridge

Prof. Emma Kendrick gave an STFC talk: ‘From Pigments to Batteries’UCL

September (2020)

Prof. Pete Nellist presented results on the imaging of battery materials at the ATOM 15 online conference

Birmingham PhD student Lizzie Driscoll gave an online talk on Li ion batteries and teaching resources to the West Midlands Chemistry Teachers Centre – Birmingham

Prof. Peter Bruce & Prof. Paul Shearing  gave a webinar at the Israel Nation Research centre for Electrochemical Propulsion (INREP) conference – Ramat Gan, Israel

August (2020)

July (2020)

17th July – CATMAT Full Consortium Meeting- Virtual

9th July – The Faraday Institution Expert Panel Meeting – Virtual

June (2020)

May (2020)

Prof. Saiful Islam (PI) presented one of the FI Masterclass online talks with 190+ logged on. Talk title: ‘Size Matters – Atomic-Scale Insights into Battery Materials

March (2020)

3rd – 4th March – The Faraday Institution Review Meeting – De Vere Latimer Estate, Chesham

January (2020)

31st January – Kick off meeting – University of Bath

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